Bachelor of Business Administration in Hospitality Management

  • Type of Study: Online
  • Admission Requirement:

    National Senior Certificate with a Bachelor entry, or equivalent.

  • Qualification: Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Hospitality Operations Management (SAQA ID: 110624, HEQF Level 7)
  • Duration: 48 – 72 months
  • Cost: R38900

The ability to successfully manage the operations in a hospitality business requires knowledge of hospitality functions, operations and the managerial aspects associated with a hospitality business.

Operational areas include food service, accommodation, housekeeping, events, facilities and finance. Learning in the operational areas are supported by modules focussing on business management, human resource management, project management, marketing and guest relations. This would ensure graduates are developed with the competence to manage all operations in the hospitality industry.

  • Knowledge of Financial Management, Accounting Principles and Statistics for Business
  • Knowledge of the hospitality industry and its services, operations, and practices, with the use of technology
  • The ability to apply management principles and practices to plan and manage operations effectively in a hospitality business.
  • To apply strategic management principles to support growth and sustainability in a hospitality business.
  • The ability to apply project management principles to achieve objectives within a hospitality operational environment.
  • An understanding of research principles and conduct basic research.

Bachelor’s Degree: 4 weeks/1 month per year

Work Integrated Learning (WIL) is part of the modules a student will complete during their studies. These modules will require a student to spend a requisite number of practical hours in various departments within a hospitality establishment. These departments may include, but are not limited to, Food and Beverage, Kitchens, Front Office, House Keeping, Events and Banqueting.

Whilst in work integrated learning, a student will need to submit a Portfolio of Evidence (POE) which is evidence of their practical hours completed. In accordance with the number of hours for the specific programme, a student will need to submit shift schedules, manager evaluations, self-evaluations, and activities or assignments.

It is important to note that your practical learning must be completed at an establishment that forms part of the hospitality industry. Online students are required to find their own WIL placements for each WIL module.
Should a student currently be working in the hospitality industry and have the required work experience, a student can apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for up to 50% of the Work Integrated Learning (WIL) modules. If a student is not working in the hospitality industry, we will advise on the number of hours to be completed for the required WIL modules.

Other Courses


Occupational Certificate: Cook

  • Duration: 12 – 18 months
  • Cost: R35000


Occupational Certificate: Chef

  • Duration: 36 months
  • Cost: R35000


Diploma in Food & Beverage Operations Management

  • Duration: 36 – 42 months
  • Cost: R25900